Dads, I have a question, but first let me explain…

EVERYBODY warned me, but I didn’t want to believe it. In fact, whenever anyone would even mention it, my response would be “I don’t receive that”. Now that I am 5 months in, I have to admit… The Struggle Is Real. Journey Rae RUNS the McGee household, and she won’t let her parents sleep through the night. I could cry right now thinking about the 7 straight hours of sleep I use to get (I miss you sleep).

Now I know fatherhood looks different for a lot of Dads out there, so I want to pause to shout-out the fathers who may be on this journey or who have journeyed this alone. *PAUSE* To all of my fathers who have raised their child(ren) alone or without the direct support of a spouse… You The Real MVP *SAULTES*

This may sound like I’m about to complain, but I’m not, it’s just an observation. The truth of the matter is I have little room to complain. I’m so blessed to have a wife, who sleeps on the same side of the bed as the baby’s basinet! No seriously, because Journey waking us both up out of our sleep is tough enough; however, Terece, more often than not, is the one who gets up to nurse, change a diaper, rock baby back to sleep etc. I mean let’s say right now the breakout is like a 60/40 split (If you ask Terece, she’ll tell you it’s more like 75/25). Y’all! I want to do better, but what I’ve learned over the past 5 months is I’m not myself between bedtime and 5:30am. So, when I wake up to a crying baby at night, I’m not my best self...at all. I told Terece last month that I don’t know her or Journey between those hours... shoot, I don’t know myself during that time! I’m guilty of talking out the side of my neck when I wake up and have to change a diaper in the middle of the night, I’ve said some CRAZY stuff that Terece and I usually laugh about in the morning...most of the time. I can’t blame it all on Journey though. I’ve never really been the most pleasant person when someone or something wakes me up out of my much needed rest. I can remember several days when my mom and dad threatened to go up side my head (somebody can relate right here), because I woke up with an attitude. I just so happen to love sleep, and I don’t like when it’s interrupted.

Which brings me to my question…

Dads who have more experience than me (this means that your child is 6 months or older)...

Before I ask you, I will say this; when I have to get up at 3:30am to change a diaper, after I get over the initial irritation, seeing that little smile and those dimples on Journey’s face is enough to make me forget about the lack of rest I’ve been getting. If I could bottle that smile up and carry it with me, it would indeed make life a little better.

Question: Dad’s how have you dealt with those nights when your children kept you up because they couldn’t sleep? How did you get them to sleep longer? How do you and your spouse share the nighttime duties?

It should be noted that Journey still sleeps in our room right now. I have talked to a dad or two who told me that they put the baby in the other room right out the gate and let them cry it out. I’m not feeling that solution for my daughter, but to each his own. Leave me some tips in the comments below.


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