It’s my 1st Father’s Day, and I’m honored that I get to join the special group of men who accept “The Call” to Fatherhood. As this day is just getting started, I don’t know what really lies ahead for me, but "Dad Life" is great. Fatherhood can be exhausting but it is amazing. Last night I received my Father’s Day gift which was a card that my 4-month old daughter signed herself (lol) and a special journal Terece got me to document my first summer with Journey. I almost cried but honestly, it was nearly 2:30 in the morning, and we were just making it to bed after being up working on this site for today. All that to say I was too tired, but I went to sleep filled with joy.

In my attempt to keep this first post short, let me get right to it by saying, THANK YOU! Thank you to my daddy (Tyrone), my Father- in – Law + Love (Rod), and all the other men who I love like a father (Pastor G.). This entire blog idea is inspired by YOU and all the fathers we should take the time to encourage and celebrate. Dads, for just one moment, take a second and think about the fact that you were chosen to steward something as precious as the life of a child, their identity, and a bit of their destiny. To the men named above, thank you for all the life lessons I’ve gleaned from you, for your support in the many seasons of my life, and for being who you are unapologetically. It’s those moments that have taught me the most. Okay, let me get out of this, I don’t want to get too mushy, just want to show appreciation!

Last Saturday I went to the MNPS Fatherhood Festival (in Nashville). The event welcomed Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, Mentors and other men along with their families to spend a day of Family Fun with their young scholars. I was allowed to capture photos of some of those men who are our EVERYDAY SUPERHEROS. Before you leave the blog today, click the media tab and check out some of these great men who have accepted “The Call”.

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