First of all, welcome to AUGUST, which is my favorite month of the year because of obvious reasons like my birthday being in August! 

It’s been a minute since I wrote a blog entry about Journey and me, so I thought to share a quick update and perspective. 

This picture of Journey and I was snapped by my wife the other day while I was sitting in the garage in the trunk of my car (SUV… whatever) going through the owner’s manual trying to figure out how to switch the rear climate control back to being controlled by the panel in the front. Needless to say, I figured that out and learned a few more cool features about the car that I rarely use. While I was reading, Terece and Journey were in the driveway playing with a ball and running around, when Journey asked to come and sit with me.  At first, I thought, why won’t she just stay in the driveway playing ball with her mom… there’s a back story to this... here’s the quick version:


I took the month of July off to recalibrate from a series of transitions that occurred over a six-month period (… read in between the lines people, I had been stressed out. Stress Is Real… I’m good now tho!). Well during July I didn’t realize that my wife’s schedule would drastically pick up as well with some of the professionals’ things she’s doing, putting me in the position to significantly increase the responsibilities with Journey on a day-to-day basis. This basically looked like me making all of her meals plus snacks, figuring out activities for she and I to do together throughout the day (Thank you Nashville Downtown Public Library for story time and puppet shows), and harnessing her energy in-between potty breaks, clean up time, and the dreadful nap/bed time routine (my daughter is allergic to sleep). Oh, not to mention figuring out what to do with my baby’s hair (#TeamNatural). Side Note: I let her dress herself almost every day we went out… which means this one pink dress got the business in July, lol (my baby loves her dresses, especially that pink one).  

Okay… so that was my July, so as you could imagine on this day that Terece actually has the free time to be at home playing with Journey I just wanted to do my thing and basically didn’t want to be bothered (there, I said it… I wanted to be left alone to read my car manual in peace). Clearly that did not happen, Journey comes over to hug and kiss me and sit with me, then Terece snaps the picture. It was only after I saw the picture that I was able to take a step back and have great appreciation for each of the moments I have been blessed to spend with my daughter this past July. I know many Father’s don’t have these types of opportunities to be so hands on with their children for a number of reasons, many of which are out of our control, right. Today, I’m simply writing this post to express my gratitude and appreciation for each of the small moments that I have to interact and engage my daughter. Like so many Fathers have told me, this time will go by so quick and before you know they’re graduating from High School. 

Dad’s seize the moment and love on your babies (sons and daughters) while they still actually like us, lol. 

Love Y’all!

*I named this post off The Lion King: The Gift album by Beyonce since Journey and I have been wearing that entire album out in July. :-) 


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