After procrastinating for so long I finally decided to get my carpet cleaned professionally. Initially, I wanted to go with the name brand cleaners, but I found a coupon to the “other guys” so I figured I would take advantage of the opportunity. Well, the cleaner comes in, uses a bunch of carpet jargon, and gives me a cleaning demonstration. He takes an area that didn’t look so bad, just to show me how dirty my carpet was at the root and even promised to give extra attention to the high traffic areas. Unfortunately, I was satisfied all of three weeks before the same stains began to resurface. I had given my money but the same problem existed. Maybe the carpet was damaged beyond repair.

Stains come, but they rarely go. From bleach to soap and water, we will try every product under the sun to fix our problem. In a billion-dollar industry new technology is introduced each year in efforts to improve the quality of cleaning products. There is a product for your carpet, clothe, and anything else you can think of. However, the truth is that some stains still can’t be removed or cleansed without a specialty product. Similarly, as a people in a fallen world plagued by sin, we face the same dilemma. We have been stained by sin and need a remedy for cleansing. Many products have been tried, but all seem to fail.

However, there is one that has been proven to remove the stain of sin: the blood of Christ. It is only through His blood that we have a true stain remover. It is an all-purpose cleaner designed to wash away our sin and place us in right standing before God. Because of the blood, 1 John 1:9 confirms, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Just as if we were that stained carpet, appearing to be damaged beyond repair, God took it upon Himself to cleanse us down to our very roots. For all who accept Jesus, His blood washes us free from sin, once and for good.


1 John 1:9

Ephesians 1:7


Have you allowed the blood of Christ to cleanse you from sin? Why or why not?


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