I was reading the news when I saw coverage of a violent hostage situation in France. Many civilians were being held outside of their will to an armed gunman. Ultimately, a French police officer responded by offering his life up in exchange for the life of a hostage. Although real-life heroes are hard to come by, they are not too hard to recognize. They are not defined by what they look like but rather by what they do. Heroes put the safety of others before themselves and do not fear sacrifice. Sacrifice is not a consequence; they view it as an honor. Heroes do for others who cannot do for themselves. A hero’s sacrifice is never forgotten and will not go un-honored.

Such is the hero we have in Christ. We were all hostages to sin without an escape and there was a zero percent chance of survival without our Hero's intervention. Regardless of the sacrifice before Him, Jesus willingly took our place. On the Cross, He exchanged His life for our life; His righteousness for our sin! Aware of the sacrifice, Jesus overlooked it for the sake of His goal: setting the captives free! Hebrews 12:2 confirms, because of the joy awaiting Him, He endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Christ's joy came from knowing the hostages would be set free. The ultimate Hero gave the ultimate sacrifice. He is due nothing less than honor.

If we truly recognize Jesus as our hero, we can choose to honor Him. To honor Him properly, we must never forget the sacrifice that was made on our behalf. Although we may look to what the future holds, it only exists because of Jesus' sacrifice. Moreover, what better way can we honor Christ, our hero, than by living for Him? We were bought at a price that cost Jesus everything. 2 Corinthians 5:14 tells us that if we believe Christ died for us, we should live for Him! When we live for Christ, He lives through us. We have the pleasure of letting our lives reflect His glory, which in return gives Him both, glory and honor!


Galatians 2:20

1 Thessalonians 4:1


Does your life give Christ the honor He is worthy of?


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