Pablo Picasso, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning, and Michael Jackson (Bonus: Denzel Washington) all have something in common. We associate them with greatness. These individuals worked harder than the rest in their field and have the accolades as proof. Each committed hours of dedication to their passion. Their greatness did not come by chance. Work ethic, determination, and perseverance made their greatness predictable to many spectators. Their ordinations, however, did not come suddenly or all at once. Although they must have faced adversity, every victory or accomplishment achieved moved them closer to establishing their rightful place in history: at the top!

There is something deep down within us all that desires to reach a level of greatness. Greatness is often considered to be on a measurable scale where you can be ranked accordingly. Typically, the world has based it on things such as how much money we have, the number of degrees we've earned, and the type of career we pursue. But the truth is money comes and goes, information changes and updates daily, and technology has been the source of many layoffs. With that being the case, I would suggest that greatness requires more substance than what we do for ourselves.

Not surprisingly, the Lord's view of greatness happens to be far different from the world's view. Jesus never associates greatness with church attendance or how many scriptures we know. However, He does endorse leading by serving. Jesus said the greatest among those who follow Him will be servants of the people. This means caring for, loving on, and being of assistance to others. True servitude does not happen by chance; it must be premeditated in our hearts. This forces us to ask ourselves how well do we serve our wives, kids, and others around us? Is it out of duty or love? More than anything else, God is looking at our willingness to serve. And remember, our service is never in vain! God does not forget our works and labor of love. So, when pride attempts to evaluate your greatness, let humility point to your servitude.


Mark 10:42 - 45

Hebrews 6:10


In what way have you been called to help and serve others?


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