Don't Overcorrect

I couldn't believe I totaled my car. It was late at night and raining pretty hard, but I had somewhere I needed to be. Although I was on the interstate I don’t recall driving any faster than 70 mph because that was the speed limit and all 22-year-old kids obey the speed limit. They say knowing what to do when your car hydroplanes can save your life but I was clueless. When I first lost control of the car I skidded left. In full alert, I quickly turned my steering wheel to the right; however, I overcorrected and skid the other direction. It all happened so fast that the 18 wheeler trailing behind me didn't have time to stop before we collided. I did a 360-degree spin and did not stop until I hit the median wall that divides traffic.

I later learned that I probably could have avoided the crash had I not overcorrected. To overcorrect is to make an excessive adjustment in the right direction that still results in a mistake. Basically, you went farther than what was required and made things worse or at a minimum, you are back to where you started. Of course, it is only natural to have knee-jerk reactions in times of shock. Truth be told though, much havoc can be caused out of panic.

According to 2 Timothy 1:7, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline. This is important to remember because it is easy to make rash decisions and “over corrections” in what we consider to be critical moments in life. These knee-jerk reactions have the ability to cause wrecks in our marriages, finances, and other areas we view to be sacred. What we see can sometimes be mesmerizing and intimidating but we must learn to operate out of faith, not fear. Ignoring your senses to walk by faith takes effort, patience, and practice, yet the habit is rewarding. Trusting in God and believing His word is the key to our success. Know that God fulfills His promises and all you have to do is not overcorrect!


Psalms 3:5-6

2 Corinthians 4:18

2 Corinthians 5:7


How can you learn to operate in faith instead of fear in times of trouble?


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