What Are You Thinking?

Most “experts” rank Magneto from X-Men as the greatest comic book villain of all-time. He is a fictional character that possesses superhuman strengths and abilities. He is primarily known for his ability to generate and control magnetic fields; however, one of the most intriguing aspects of Magneto pertains to his outfit. Because of telepathic adversaries, he can always be spotted wearing a special helmet made to guard his mind against those who would attempt to alter his thoughts, motives, and behavior against his will. Although most of Magneto’s powers are abilities we could only dream of possessing, one lesson we can learn from him is realizing the ability and mandate God has given us to guard our thoughts too!

Why is this important? Because thoughts are simply seeds waiting to be planted in our lives. What we watch, who and what we listen to all impact us. Whether good or bad, once a seed takes root, it will begin to produce. What a man thinks, he will become. Just like Magneto, you are subject to the enemy’s attempt to influence your thoughts and behaviors so you must stay on guard. God says you are to think as the head, but Satan would call you the tail. God says you are more than conquerors, but Satan says you are defeated. Whose report will you believe?

The bible instructs us to guard our thoughts above all else because it determines the course of our life. While God often uses people to plant seeds of faith, hope, and love into our thought life, Satan is on a mission to overwhelm us with thoughts of doubt, hate, fear, and the list goes on. Although no one can prevent thoughts or ideas from entering the mind, we can prevent or allow them to take root based on how we treat them. Dwell on anything long enough and you will eventually act on it or agree with it. This is why we are to think like and agree with Christ. God commands us to meditate on thoughts that are true, pure, and lovely. When unhealthy or hostile ideas attempt to flood our minds, we must treat them like trespassers. Unwanted visitors are never made to feel comfortable and will eventually leave; they just need a little nudge towards the door. Our thoughts are no exception!


Proverbs 4:23

Philippians 4:8

Philippians 2:5


Do you have any negative thought patterns that need to be uprooted?

What are some ways you can help your children with their thought life?


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