I never really got a chance to write about my life as a father thus far so bear with me. By the way, Fatherhood is definitely dope with a little preparation and planning, but even without that Fatherhood is a whirlwind of dope events, scary moments and God’s grace.

My Brown Beauties, Jordan and Cobi (not named after the Basketball greats) are 7 years apart. When Jordan was born 8 years ago, my wife Britney and I had just graduated from Tennessee State University and we were far from ready to become parents. I remember telling Britney and my friends that I would be Jordan’s daily zoo, meaning I would be her personal riding elephant, her scary tiger and all the other amazing animals you see at the zoo. All I wanted to do was just make her laugh and bring her joy. Well as any parent knows that is only 30% of the job and can usually only last for the first 4 years, because they get big and the riding elephant gets worn. As they get older you become more of a teacher, healer, protector and enforcer. Then in year 7 of our journey with Jordan, I became a daily zoo again to Cobi and now I am split between raising a young lady and the daily zoo routine. They both require my love and attention but in two completely different ways. With Cobi, she wants the hungry lion to chase her until it is time for bath. Jordan’s a creative, she loves making things from flour slime, to personal daily planner books, to cakes. Her mind is an endless array of the innocent life at its purist form and as a self-proclaimed creative, I love to create with her.

I have recently learned with Jordan that you cannot teach all life lessons in one day and honestly half the time your child is thinking about fun, friends and food. So, I had to learn to become her daily zoo again, but in a different way. By teaching her about being a hungry lion in her passions, an intelligent elephant in her school work, and a pink flamingo standing tall in her beautiful *Brown skin. Your child is going to grow up, so finding new ways to learn from and with them is the reason why Fatherhood is Dope to me. Build a zoo of love, learning and passion around your child and I believe they will always remember the fun times they had learning about the zoo animals with their Father.


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