On Saturday Journey crossed the threshold from being a baby to becoming a toddler. She turned one years old. If you did not see my live story on Instagram then I’ll break the news here… She actually walked on her birthday! The girl decided to take her first consecutive steps literally on her birthday, talk about ceasing the moment. Well, outside of her birthday being Saturday, something else special happened. I received the award for Father of the Year at the Fatherhood Is Dope Awards. This awards ceremony took place in my head Saturday night somewhere in New York, or LA, and Obama was sitting first row next to Uncle Phil (yeah… that Uncle Phil). Below is the transcript of my acceptance speech:


And the winner for Father of the Year goes to… (breaks seal on envelope)…AARON! That’s right… Journey's dad Aaron!


Wow… I can’t believe this… I didn’t expect this at all… shout out to everyone else in this category (Google, YouTube, Both Her Grandfather's) you all were tough competition, I look up to y’all.

(Takes Deep Breath) First of all I would like to Thank God, who is the head of my life, I couldn’t do it without Him guiding me. I would like to thank my wife Terece, who’s stood by my side this past year. While I slept, she changed Journey’s diapers, while I was on social media, she made sure Journey was fed 5-7 times a day, and while I got to eat my food when it was actually hot and not room temperature, she tended to Journey’s resounding cries! Today, I share this award with you!

To Journey's Grandmas… thank you for every weekday and weekend you’ve kept your grandbaby while Terece and I cleaned the house, went on dates and trips, or just attempted to sleep for a few consecutive hours, bless you both! I mean, I really wasn’t prepared for this win, so I’m going to wrap it up, (pulls list out to read more):

To Journey's aunts and uncles...

Great aunts and great uncles...

Play aunts and play uncles...

To our close friends...

And church family...

To our neighbors...

The birthing center...


& Journey's doctor...


If I forgot anybody, charge it to my head and not my heart. This moment is so overwhelming, and I’m kinda nervous.

(Wrap Up Music)

To Journey, my baby girl, DADDY LOVES YOU! Thank you for being my daughter and allowing me to be your “DaDa”.

(MIC Turns off)

(Aaron shouts over the music)

Thank you… Y’all have a good night… God Is Good!

Hey although this took place in my head, I’m okay with that. I strongly believe this could be my reality, because dreams do come true. More importantly visions (once written) can come to pass. Dads, envision yourself being the Father your sons and daughters deserve. One day we will all share the stage together, accepting our Father of the Year Awards, and giving lengthy speeches about how we couldn’t have done it without mama and em’ (all those who helped us along the way).


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