Life with London, let me start by giving major kudos to Mr. Aaron McGee for putting this platform together for us fathers (everybody say it all together MUCH RESPECT GOOD BROTHER). With that being said, let’s focus on why I’m writing this blog post. My son and only child, London (his name is so cool to me), is my everything. When he first entered this world four years ago, I was beginning my doctoral journey and learning how to be a husband to his beautiful mother (Sasha B is what I call her). Needless to say, I bit off more than I could chew. I was learning on the job, I was a rookie, or my favorite, just going with the flow. Boy was I in over my head with this one. I stayed out late (working, bringing in various streams of revenue), met with my cohort often for study groups, frequented the gym, and played Xbox in my spare time. Fatherhood for me, was a delayed reaction. Physically I was there, but mentally I was on a vacation. It wasn’t until London was three or four months old that it hit me “Tez you’re a father” (that’s what I said to myself) and once it registered, I had an epiphany, like “Tez you have to do better” (that’s what I told myself) and I did. From that moment on LIFE WITH LONDON has been an adventure.

EMOTIONALLY, I started to feel connected more than I have ever been (my role as a clinician has altered my emotional valve to a certain degree, but that’s for another blog, smh).

PHYSICALLY, I wanted to be in the best shape ever to demonstrate to my son the true meaning of HEALTH.

SPIRITUALLY, I knew it was important to get closer to God because it’s an understanding and value that I want to pass on to my son.

MENTALLY, I knew that whatever I had going on within my personal life had to be left outside of my castle. Intentionally being present for both my wife and son had to improve in order to evolve as a unit.

With all that being said, and four years later, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Watching my son grow, develop his own personality, and to see his million-dollar smile on a daily basis trumps all of my personal successes (Less than a year left for this PhD etc). London teaches me life lessons that one can only dream of, and every day I listen.

Fatherhood is dope, not because it’s a cool saying, but due to the fact that if you’re willing to accept the challenge and do away with your old ways, you can embark on this journey entitled GROWTH.

In closing, LIFE WITH LONDON is priceless and everything about being his Father is Dope.


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