We gon' start this post off right... #Circa2004 -CeeLo Green. We just came to the end of another successful and fun Homecoming 2017 for my Alma Mater Tennessee State University. It was great seeing everyone... #GETGEEKED!

Now, any decent parent knows that when it comes to their baby having the option of playing with the toy remote versus the real remote, the baby is going to choose the real remote. It never fails how puzzled I am that when given the option, Journey would much rather play with the cold, grey, heavy remote control for the TV, versus the colorful, vibrant, music playing, character having remote that we purchased for her. With all of the research, product development, testing, and more testing, toy companies have yet to crack the code to baby sensory. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Take the best toy remote control on the market and put it next to the basic of basic universal remote controls out there (sprinkled with some floor dust, syrup from breakfast pancakes, and a piece of electrical tape on the back to keep the batteries in place, because you can’t find the original back) and put it in front of a baby. I’m willing to put my morning nap on the line, because that’s how sure I am that the baby will take the universal remote. I mean without fail.L

To the baby's credit, I believe this is kind of an infant's intuition. It’s like babies have the ability to separate the real from the fake, the saint’s from the aint’s, the wheat from the chaff. Could you imagine as adults, if every time two items seemingly the same were placed in front of us, our intuition would always stir us toward the real one and not the counterfeit. Kind of reminds you of one of those commercials where they blindfold you, allow you to taste two items and then you have to pick which one is made from scratch and which one came out of the freezer.

Could it be that a babies intuition is designed to benefit their parents? How is it that your child spends upwardly of 8 hours at a childcare facility, with the grandparents, or baby sitter, and when you show up they still run to you? You and your siblings look like twins or are twins, but your child still knows the difference between daddy and uncle at a very young age. Oh, and let’s not forget about how we are with our kids when we have a bad attitude (not necessarily being ourselves). Somehow, they still are able to cleave to us as parents, seeing the true us even in our shortcomings.

Regardless of if you are full-time, part-time, seasonal, or laid off in the area of Fatherhood, I assure you when it comes to a substitute versus the real deal, your child will choose you. Similar to that remote control that’s covered in floor dust, syrup from pancakes, and wrapped in electrical tape to keep the batteries from falling out. Your child would pick you every time, over someone else that may be playing the part.

Dad’s it’s never too late to be the Father your child needs.

They see us for who we are, and would much rather have the busted up version of you over anything else. Thank you to the men who are standing in the gaps for our kids who are fatherless, we need you too! However, the caveat to that is, dad’s who have the opportunity to be present fathers, never miss the chance to seize the moment. And don't worry about all shiny and perfect in every moment. Your amazing children generally like things covered in lint and dust.

Happy Homecoming to the "Real TSU"!

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