July 4, 2017



A couple weeks ago while driving home, I had a craving for “2 in a box” and a sweet tea. Now if you get that reference before you read this next line, there’s a chance you need help just like I do. There’s only one place you can get “2 in a box”... Knockout Wings. “2 in a box” is what they yell from the cash register to the cook line when you order two biscuits to-go. Knockout Wings is a staple in the Norf (North) Nashville area and has the BEST honey glazed, butter drippin biscuits in town!


Pause. It should be noted that Journey was with me, otherwise this blog post wouldn’t be relevant. Okay, back to the story. Before leaving the house to run my errands, I was very strategic in determining what I could and could not get done. Whenever it’s just Journey and me there are lots of modifications to my schedule. Generally, I try to stay at home, but this time I needed to leave the house. I intentionally only planned to run errands that did not require me to get out of the car, or ones where I would not have to wait for a long period of time. It was only when I realized I wanted “2 in a box” and a sweet tea that I started to panic... just a little bit. I thought to myself, “Knockout Wings does not have a drive thru. They are usually pretty crowded. What if Journey starts crying as soon as we walk in? What if some crazy person decided to show up today? Is it really worth getting her out of the car?” I decided it was, and in that moment, more than any other moment, I gained my independence.


*Sidenote: Terece was at work this day, otherwise it wouldn’t have been as dramatic as I’m making it.*


I was originally going to title this post “The I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. Father.” When Terece found out she said, “The Independent Father makes it sound like you’re raising Journey all alone,” which is far from the truth. Journey has two loving parents, two sets of grandparents, and several uncles/aunties who love her and play a role in raising her. My declaration of the INDEPENDENT father is more so about me deciding to own every inch of my role as Journey’s Daddy. So…Umm…I changed the title to “2 In a Box” (the obvious next choice... duh).


When I looked back on that day, I actually felt bad. If Terece had been out running errands, she would not have thought twice about hopping out of the car and doing what she had to do, with Journey right there on her side. I’m so use to moving about, running errands, working out, you know “doing me,” that the thought of figuring out how to move about with a baby (when my wife is not with me) scared me.


Making the decision to get out of the car…grab the car seat with my baby in it...walk into Knockout Wings…order my “2 In a Box” with a sweet tea...pay for my food...and wait on my order, liberated me! The lady behind the counter spotted Journey in the car seat and started talking baby talk, telling Journey how cute she was. Smiling, she told her, “Yo daddy dragged you all the way in here for two biscuits…” A guy who was working in the kitchen came up to drop some food at the counter, and told me “Happy belated Father’s Day.” I had won. I faced my fear, and I won!


So Dads - get your FREEDOM! Brave your everyday norms with your baby boys and girls right by your side. It’s great when mom is there. It definitely makes things easier but, in the moments where it’s just you and them, continue to live! Since I decided to keep “doing me,” now, Journey too will know the joy of “2 in a box” with a sweet tea.  








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